28Feb 2017

What is OEM
The OEM is the abbreviation of the English Original Equipment Manufacturer, according to typeface meaning, at the request of translate to call the primitive equipments manufactory, point a factory house according to another house factory, for its production product with product accessories, also call to settle the card produce or the authorization sticks the card production.Represent then the outside process, also can represent to outsource the contract process.The local habit calls to help to make the production, three come to process.
What is ODM
ODM means Original Designed Manufacturer, which could provide customers with all-round service as R & D of products, products-oriented and production. Only with given expected function and performance of products or even conception, ODM manufacturers could put the conception into reality.
Difference between OEM and ODM
The biggest difference between OEM and ODM doesn’t only lie in their names. OEM products are specially produced for brand manufacturers and they could only use this specific brand without any abuse of other names of middle manufacturers. While ODM products is in a different situation. It depends on whether brand enterprises have exclusively own the copyright of these products, if not, middle manufactures are entitled to manufacture themselves with a precondition of using no design recognition of concerned enterprises.

What is Private Label

Private label are typically those manufactured or provided by one company for offer under another company’s brand. Private-label goods and services are available in a wide range of industries from food to cosmetics to web hosting. They are often positioned as lower-cost alternatives to regional, national or international brands, although recently some private label brands have been positioned as “premium” brands to compete with existing “name” brands.


09Feb 2017

We all know that our own eyelashes with a certain cycle, and everyone is different. Usually in 30-50 days due to metabolism and has a new and replacement old shed new grown. The grafting false eyelashes will follow this cycle with our own eyelashes off together. Eyelash growth cycle of fast people, the roots of eyelashes grow faster, eyelashes grafted portion can easily deform, so if you want to maintain perfect results, preferably 2-3 weeks lashes maintenance, but also according to their own specific circumstances set.

First, clean your eyelashes before grafting. Make sure no any makeup,oily substances. This is essential to eyelash grafting procedure, because the glue on a clean lashes stick firmly.

Second, within three hours to avoid water after grafting, either repair or re-grafted eyelashes. This also means that it should not take a bath or shampoo within three hours after grafting eyelash

Third, after grafting eyelashes, forty- eight hours to avoid water vapor. You can not do sauna, yoga, sports to sweat easily.

Fourth, make sure you use the product without oil. Cosmetics, makeup, skincare and other oily substances make the glue losing the stickiness.

Fifth, avoid to use the waterproof makeup, especially waterproof mascara. Because it would certainly break the glue, grafted eyelashes will fall off in advance.

Sixth, do not pull your eyelashes. If your lashes become crisscross, very messy, remember not to pull your eyelashes by hand, otherwise, not only grafted eyelashes will be pulled down, but also the natural lashes will be pulled off. Recommended mascara brush, comb through your lashes from the roots of the lashes to the tail.

Seventh, less is more. The less you make, the less you touch the number of lashes, eyelash loss situation will be less. It will be more reserved eyelashes, eyelash lasting will be longer.

Eighth, use professional eyelash primer to strengthen the lashes. It can effectively remove dust, oil, promote rapid growth of eyelashes.